october 5th - 13th

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9 Days! October 13 - October 22, 2017. This is the fourth year of the exciting national and international film festival in the beautiful City of Glendale, California. Our wonderful venues are the PACIFIC THEATRES at the AMERICANA , UA 8 LA CANADA and the newly renovated Glendale Downtown Central Library.  At the historic ALEX THEATRE the opening night gala will take place on Friday, October 13 with the screening of the beautifully restored version of THE GODFATHER. The CENTERPIECE GALA will take place on October 19 at the PACIFIC THEATRE screening the fabulous restored version of LA DOLCE VITA.

This year's festival is once again dedicated to All Creatures Great and Small in the Animal Kingdom (especially cats, dogs and horses!) as well as Women Film Makers and Screenwriters! We are also dedicated to creating film making classes and screenwriting classes in the Glendale schools. We are now a non-profit 501(3)(c) and 20% of our proceeds will go to the Glendale schools as an endowment to create film making classes and screenwriting classes for all.

We seek the highest quality films and screenplays. No matter what the story is, it should be told with original words and characters to express the point of the story. It is the stories we want to see and hear about in an original and fresh format with truly unique characters and plots.

Screenplay Reading Contests! One for short screenplays (20 pages and under), one for full length feature screenplays (under 200 pages),. The screenplays are read by professional actors and the selected readings and winners are decided by our judges prior to the readings. A scene from your screenplay (5-7 pages) will be read in front of a live audience.

Films have the power to transform perspectives. They have been the staple of our cultural identity on both a national and international level. However, many people do not recognize the arduous labor that is involved throughout all departments within film. Our local community of Glendale harbors some of the greatest talented minds that have strayed from conventional systems to create their works. Their passions can be felt through the screened, and it something that should be shared among an audience. Apart from watching the films countless times within an editing room or an office, nothing topples the majesty of watching works projected on a gigantic silverscreen within the solitude of a cinema. The reactions spawned from audience viewers takes the experience even further.

Our mission is to give the opportunity for the filmmakers and screenwriters to showcase their works as well as giving the audience unique experience in watching films that are not of the normal venue.

In essence, films you might not see anywhere else.


We have witnessed how our event has benefited the local theatre businesses and restaurants of Glendale. We were met with praise for our delivery, and we plan to do it again

for the love of filmmaking.

Panel discussions, networking parties and breakfasts, dinners and good times (lots of parties and fun!) This is where you can meet with your film making friends from around the world, expand your contacts and have great screenings of your work in very elegant surroundings during this 9 day festival.

We have many special awards categories. A spotlight category for Women Film Makers and Screenwriters as well as our special awards for film makers residing in the Glendale/Burbank/Los Angeles/Pasadena areas. International, national and local films are invited as well as web series, short shorts, animation and student films. We are especially looking for films with a scientific bent, environmental and action films with a message! Comedy, drama, sci-fi are all welcome, especially any film, short or screenplay with an unusual idea that has to do with science, research, technology or any other unusual avant garde idea.



Alex Theatre

216 N Brand Blvd,

Glendale, CA 91203

Pacifc Theatres Americana

The Americana at Brand

322 Americana Way

Glendale, CA 91210

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UA La Canada 8

1919 Verdugo Blvd

La Cañada  CA 91011

Downtown Glendale Central Library

222 E Harvard Street

Glendale, CA 91205